Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Smell 4th Years

So IRS has come and gone and I managed to survive (we won't mention the fact that I did close my office door, just in case). My roommates seem to have decided to skip the fun of IRS (and possibly of going around and scaring everyone in the engineering buildings). However they now have their shinies. Two more years and I will too (knock on wood). This year didn't have a lot of posters. I saw one that I didn't get (making fun of McMaster I believe), and one mocking the university saying "In the spirit of unimaginative mottos" There was also an underwear clothesline strung up over some stairs. I think it's good that they manage to find time, even in 4th year, to do their laundry, and that they don't want to have to use a dryer.

In other news - if my rice is hidden under more than 2kg of food again I am no longer responsible for the cooking or the shopping.

And if anyone knows the origin of the knitting e-letter that showed up in my mailbox the other morning please do share. It's not something I would have signed up for, as it's from a store in the States, that doesn't sell online...

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