Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Like not letting the peas touch the potatos

So I understand that it's neccessary to have both languages on the label, even when it's something that we all recognise. (After all, the reason we know "lipides" is "fat" is because we see it all the time, especially if we didn't have to take bio.)
And I can even understand why they need to say both "protein" and "protéines". It would look bad to omit one language every time, even if you don't actually need to have any idea that there's another language involve to be able to read the word. It would imply that one language was better than the other.
But WHY on EARTH aren't more labels printed like cereal boxes, where they can share words which are the same. Because honestly, "Calories/Calories" looks really stupid.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thanks, but...

Why is it that everyone who discovers Allan's existance by hearing me refer to "my fiancé" feels the need to congratulate me? I am not someone you know who just got engaged, I am an engaged person you met.

I feel really sorry for people who end up with really long engagements. It's even more of a fact of life for them than for me...