Saturday, January 31, 2009

One more step towards being normal

So I recently got I believe is my first comic book ever. Well, not counting Archie comics. Yes, I am mainstream enough to read comics. Of course, this being me, can you guess what kind it is?

Yep. It's a knitting comic. And if your reaction to that is the same as my initial reaction - thinking that it's going to be somewhat cheesy, because how do you make a superhero story about knitting, well you're actually going to be very surprised by the story.

It's less a comic about knitting, and more a superhero comic where the characters knit. There is more knitting promised in future issues, which I appreciate. As for the comic itself, I liked it, and I tend to not like graphic novels a lot, or comics done in that style (as far as I'm concerned when it's this short, it's a comic). Those two things together may condemn more than they recommend, but I'd still say it's worth a look. It's quite entertaining, and you will laugh out loud more than once reading it, if a sample of two people is anything to go on.

I would have two minor issues with this. The first is that it was too short. Which is very hard to actually call a problem I guess. However, as someone who considers Harry Potter a nice afternoon's read (except for books 6 and 7, I can't stand them in large doses), a standard-length comic is over all too soon. My other "complaint" would be that the pattern is far more simplisitic than I'm interested in. It's a cool idea, but it's not the sort of thing I make. The problem might just be that the pattern is "beginniner to early intermediate", although I don't necessarily object to easy. It's in the definition of beginner I guess.

All in all, it's enough to make me regret posting this late enough that I can't get the rest of the subscription for my birthday.


Alex said...

Remember the Redwall books? At 11 years old I would regularly go through one a day. Harry Potter 6 and 7 only took me a few hours each to read.

If you are interested in graphic novels, I'm planning on buying Persepolis at some point, I can lend it to you when I'm done.

Mortaine said...

Thanks for the great review! As a reader, I tend to agree with you about comics being too short. As a writer... I kind of agree there, too, actually. 22 pages is the arbitrary industry standard for comics, but I'm not limiting the storytelling to that length. That said, Marc (the artist) has the most time-intensive job, so I try to let him tell me when I'm asking too much.

Also, we do ship every day except Sunday. I don't know when your birthday is (was?), but if someone is looking for a last-minute gift that doesn't require them to get to a post office, a gift subscription could work just fine.

PS: I like your latest sock creation!

Anonymous said...
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