Friday, July 10, 2009

I've Done Smarter

At least I sure hope I have.

For example: after putting the plastic cutting board I used for chicken into the sink, I got a wooden one for veggies. It could have been worse though - I could have used the wooden one first and then got a fresh, plastic, one out for the chicken.

Also: 2 am (that's my excuse) I wake up, and decide to put weight on both legs equally to see if my ankle was better. It wasn't, and I've decided that I'm blaming that for the fact that it still hurts today.


Legion said...

I don't get it....

Christine said...

Wood kills bacteria, and plastic is hard to get completely clean (they hide in the scratches from the knife).

Putting weight on a sprain will make it not heal as well - it could basically re-injure it.