Monday, October 23, 2006

Inhuman Rights

Although not really from the end of the political spectrum that I tend towards (when I admit to existing on it at all that is) I am fond of the saying that the right to swing one's fist ends where the other's face begins. Our actions can hurt other people, and arguing that protecting others infringes on one's own rights just doesn't cut it. We all share this planet, and if a butterfly can produce a typhoon by getting from point a to point b the only way it knows how, ask how much damage we are guilty of, from ignorance, from laziness, from sense of entitlement. If we want to see how rich we are it's not appropriate to compare with those around us, those who have more than the earth can afford. Instead look to those overseas, who are living on less, since we have taken more.

Of course, I suspect that this sort of pontificating would be more tolerable coming from me if I hadn't lost my temper with my classmate & decided to make a point out of a small issue.

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