Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Those Poor Maligned Borrowers

Those of you who know me (which I suspect is everyone reading this) are aware that I'm not really a believer in keeping a student kitchen - good knives, and a steel to keep them that way, a(n almost) full set of good pots, twice as much in the way of spices as the average person has (a third as much as I want), and etc. The one area in which I'm really deficient is cutlery. Well... more somewhere to keep the cutlery. Currently it's sitting in a milk bag all mixed together. This is a temporary measure: I took it out of its earlier plastic bag, which had been destroyed by fork tines, with the intent of sorting it into milk bags. One for forks, one for knives, one for spoons, so I wouldn't have to dig through the cutlery to find what I wanted.

I was rather foiled in my plan by the fact that I seem to be down to two milk bags. I did a check of my knapsack in case I had forgotten bags in there (not that uncommon an occurance). Nope, nothing. I asked my housemate with whom I'm sharing kitchen supplies - maybe he knew what was happening to the bags that I had left out to dry. Another housemate spoke up "oh, you were saving those? I've been throwing them out." So, because I take the recycling out regularly I am down to two milk bags. And since we're drinking little enough milk that we're using cartons, not 4L bags, I'm in serious trouble.

If anyone can offer advice on how to survive without milk bags it would be much appreciated. It's obviously possible, or else my other ones wouldn't have ended up in bag recycling, but I've never seen it done.

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Anonymous said...

Psst! There's a really simple solution to this. Take a bit of jean, fold it in half and sow three or four pockets into it. Also attach velcro so you can roll it up 'n keep it closed. Yes you have the problem of having to open 'n close it every time but it won't wear out 'n people won't throw it out on you.