Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Freaking Out

So I'm sitting here, supposed to be in class. This is due to a lack of freaking out on my part (rather than the normal cause of freaking out). I seem to have a habit of dawdling somewhat when I have late class. I never miss my morning class, but twice out of the last three late class days I've arrived after the lecture begins. I'm really beginning to wish that it wasn't always the same class, because this is probably the worst class to miss. (I'm looking over the lecture notes, and I don't get what we're covering today. I will have to bug a classmate about it later).

So any suggestions that can be given on making sure I freak out in the morning, and hurry as if I had early class would be appreciated. I'm aware that part of why I make it on time for 8:30 classes is that the professor for that class tends to not start the lecture until a few minutes after, however I make it for that, I should be able to make it for almost an hour later.

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A Pyro or Two said...

Let's see... ways to help you freak out... there must be a lot of ways to do that. As I recall, you don't like certain many legged visitors, though you don't dislike them enough to actually freak out. How 'bout this: if you don't go to class, you might end up on stream with me again =D.

Now, go to class - you don't want to miss it.