Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Socky Happiness

I got new sock needles recently. They're rather necessary: my old ones are 4 mismatched needles, with various amounts of bends in them. My new ones? For $6 at what is probably my LYS now (I don't think that Michael's or Lens Mill count) I got a set of 5 2.5mm dpns (20 cm long). They're a little longer than I'd like, but they're lightweight, strong, and not very pointy. I personally like pointy needles, but these are fine for socks, and don't make holes in as many things.

As for how they're doing, I started a sock on Monday. These socks are strictly for in-class, as it's a busy time of term. I am turning the heel (on a men's dress sock, that I am knitting intermittently due to my lingering sprain and taking notes) today. I would have done so during my tutorial but I wanted to look up how to do an eye of the partridge heel. And the delay is no bad thing - I think I used the wrong yarn. As in the yarn that I have 3/4 of a skein left. Now I've been known to mix sock yarns before, but given that my other yarn is wool, and this is superwash... I'm going to go yarn shopping on Saturday. (no complaints about that one, trust me).

Let me know if anyone has suggestions on things that I ought to be knitting. I have a thrummed mitten to finish before I decide instead that the stink of burning wool isn't that bad a thing, and a binary scarf to do for Christmas. Oh, and I've ordered the yarn for my shawl (before you ask, no this shawl does NOT mean that I'm getting married). Aside from that though, once I've finished Allan's sweater repairs and these socks there's nothing. Well... aside from two years' worth of finishing up.

I don't seem to be helping my cause there... Unlike some Fools who think that hitting rock bottom is cause to dig harder, I'm going to call this a night.

God Bless.


Legion said...

Awwww... I got a specific comment in your blog! =D I feel all skooshy.

Other ideas of what to knit: wrist warmers, a Dr. Who scarf, a kilt, a tablecloth, a baby blanket, shower curtains....

The possibilities are endless. And if you happen to make any of the above for me in an effort to make me pay for my foolishness, I can promise that I will use any of the above if it is well made. The last condition is put in place to avoid the possibility of me having to wear a 2 inch long kilt. I should also point out that there is no timeline at all given for the baby blanket, and no guarantee that it will in fact be used for my baby.

Magpie said...

As tempting as the kilt would be, I wouldn't dare. Rune would kill me, because I'm sure you're right, you would wear it.