Saturday, September 29, 2007

Best. Toy. Ever.

The beach here is rather cool. It has a nice playground. There's a little wakeboard toy which is a metal board on a flexible base, so it wobbles around. Looks very fun. Even better, there's this.
It digs in the sand. You sit on the yellow seat, and the whole mechanism pivots around the centre post. The digging itself is a five-bar, two input. Grab the two handles, and move them forwards and back to move and pivot the scoop.

Any ideas on how much it would take to get one of these for a backyard?

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Alex said...

They are extremely fun. I've seen variations of those things everywhere, and I remember them from when I was little because I used to play on them whenever we found one.

No idea where to get one, but you could probably build one pretty easily if you were so inclined.