Friday, September 14, 2007

I'll Hide in the Office...

So I'm in the middle of a fascinating power struggle at work. I've been told that I'm being used as an excuse, although I'm not sure if that's just being said to make me feel better. The issue here is that the guys from the plant floor out where I am (a small plant, not the main one) have been asked to stop changing in the hallways, at least if they're going to be stripping down to their skivies. One of the women's washrooms has been designated the men's change room (I use the nicer one so I don't mind) and the men who strip down when they change have been informed of the new policy.

The one says he's fine with it, the other one declares he's not. Won't change there without his locker. So, after discarding apparently tempting thoughts of declaring some cardboard box to be his locker and shoving it in the room (with a lock set to not let him out), the engineers went up to junk storage and found a new locker for him. From the stories though, he might well find something else to complain about, since his complaint about a lack of locker failed to stall for very long.

Me? Like the title says, I'll stay in the office until 15:31. We work the day shift here, and by 15:30 the place is dead.

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