Saturday, November 10, 2007

Because I Forgot My Camera Yesterday

I'd warn that this is a picture-heavy post, but really, all of you have high-speed. And besides, the title gives it away.

I took Sophie for a walk today. Doesn't she look thrilled?
(Ok, she looks confused about the fact that we're not moving, but close enough, right?)
We went out and looked at the harbour. Since you're (largely) engineers I figure that the towers from the salt mine are appropriate. As you can see, the colours aren't as cool today. But they show up on a computer screen better.
We later continued walking out towards that river I mentioned (the Maitland).
It has a cool bridge going over it. This former rail bridge has been repaired and is now part of the Maitland Trail. The (now pedestrian) bridge has little alcoves off the side so that you can get a great view of all the people standing below in the river fishing. And of the fish that are swimming around laughing at them.

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