Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Undergrads

I understand that some of you might have cultural issues with sticking your hand up in the air so I can see it easily, however calling me over is more disruptive, and calls more attention to yourself. Nor will it seem rude if you're more aggressive - we appreciate being able to see you, and know that you are trying to get our attention in a large room, and do so quietly. Sticking your hand up to about head height makes it very difficult for us to tell if you're trying to get our attention, or if you just stick your hand up there to think. Waving at me only once I look your way is a) a waste of your time, because then you have to watch for me and b) likely to get you second in line to get your question answered, because I always go to the person whose hand I saw first (thank you for not complaining about this at all by the way).

Oh, and if this is injury, please ignore the above.

However, unless you can match the last excuse I heard for why the guy had a cellphone out (he had an exemption as his wife was expecting), don't give me a hard time when I tell you to put your cellphone away. Especially when you can easily see the clock from where you are.

That is all. Thank you. (And if you're one of the ones reading this blog, you know I love you, and that there's no way you were causing these problems in the first place).

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