Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Now to figure out training...

I know I'm possibly jumping the gun a little bit, but I've already figured out what I'm going to do for the Knitting Olympics. After all, athletes know years in advance what they're hoping to get to do at the Olympics. It's definitely an Olympian task. I am going to get my shawl blocked. I'm not quite sure how much I'm going to try to hold myself to "properly", because at the rate I've been going (tried and given up twice so far, been over a year since I finished the knitting), getting it done at all is a good job.

Maybe I should re-block my navy shawl thingy, it does need it, as training. I really don't want to take time out and knit something new in lace just for blocking practice. I have a pair of socks to knit after all. (And a couple of other Christmas gifts, that I'm fairly sure are safe to name here, but are going to be quiet just in case).

Allan, I apologise in advance for the lack of floor space.

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